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Best practices in business consulting


This concerns both large companies and SMEs or public sector otganizations.

Main issues  of in-house consulting department:

Activities :

1. Corporate function to identify inefficiencies and improve performances

Main assignments: problem solving with strong business expertise on confidential topics, benchmark surveys, external consulting selection process,…
Examples : improve customer loyalty, cost reduction, opportunity studies regarding new technologies,…

2. Professional team to manage business transformations

Main assignments: customization of methodologies,, managers support, operational support on projects
Examples : creation of a new subsidiary, launch of new products or services, restructuration, IT projects

3. Innovation think tank regarding business processes 

Main assignments: animation of internal monitoring networks, in connection with Universities

Tel : 33(0)6 07 21 95 54

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Tel : 33(0)6 07 21 95 54
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