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" The first metamorphosis of companies to improve quality is to be more interested by their maket than their belly button, by their customers than their macines ". Hervé Seyriex

Service has become a key value lever for any usiness. You make 80% of your profit with 20% of your clients! Theses strategic customers deserve to be identified and conducted beyond the sale of products in catalog: information, support, consulting, etc. As it is getting more and more difficult to conquer new customers, their loyalty must be encouraged and their claims processed rapidly.

Context of assignment

- any company noting a decrease in activity with present clients

- business breakdown for existing clients
- sales processes analysis
- survey of customers' satisfaction
- research of leavig customers' motivations
- road map for progress and monitoring

Earned value for client
- appropriation of several methods and tools: sales force organisation, account management, perceived service vs delivered service, golden triangle of trust, Ishikawa
- road map to increase turnover: sales force, sales and after sales processes, loyalty program...

My strengths
- partner in charge of major accounts for different consultancies during 15 years
- good reputation in "farming"



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