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Companies have permanently to update their operating systems: new products desingn and delivery, restructuration, M&A, digitalized processes, information infrastructure.... These specific operations have to be conducted according to project management best practices. But today even recurrirng processes (specific customer orders for instance) require to be managed more transversely, mobilising different skills inside and outside the company according to project management principles.

More, companies have to drive multiple operations at the same time : that is project portfolio concept.You may have several project porfolios by nature of operations (orders, events, other services...).

This has been the consultants' way of live for decades, carrying out various assignments at the same time. They are organized accordingly. This is a skill to develop today inside each company.

Context of assignment
- project turn around: budget, deadlines, quality, control of service providers,...
- project management skills to be reeenforced
- project portfolio management to be implemented

- share assignment goals: ambitions, concerned projects (one run or recurrent operations, small or big projects), staffing politics (in-house, outsourced)
- diagnosis of existing processes: flows, skills, providers selection and control, management systems and cockpit, shared values
- progress plan
- follow-up

Earned value for my client
- methods and tools: project life cycle and best practices, project/portfolio governance, PMO assisgnments, work load estimation techniques, work forecasting, dashboards (earned value, S curves), theory of constraints / critical chain, risk management, personal organization to optimize one's time
- legal risks : contracting, providers management
- target and change road map : governance rules, change management, project manager profiling, project team management, new skills to develop, monitoring processes

My strenths
- member of consultancies managing teams during over 20 years
- great experience in large projects management
- 2 books published on project management and internal consulting


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