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More than 4,000 consultants trained since January 2000!

8 training modules "intra-company" only

Module 1: Getting Started in Consulting (2 days)

Module 2: The consulting profession - deepening (2 days)

Module 3: Framing a mission (1 day)

Module 4: Selling slills in consulting (1 day)

Module 5: Selling skills in consulting - deepening (1 day)

Module 6: Developing assertiveness at the client (1 day)

Module 7: Managing a consulting firm (1 day)

Module 8: Setting up an internal consulting structure (2 days)

Download the training catalog (pdf) in French and English

Who is concerned?

- Consulting firms who wish to strengthen the potential of their employees
- IT services companies wishing to start a consulting business
- Any organization providing consulting services (Chambers of Commerce and Industry...)
- Any company that is setting up a team of internal consultants

Possibility of customized programs incorporating specific issues and firm's values

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